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NCDEX tips, Chana tips, Agri bullion tips, NCDEX product tips, NCDEX commodity tips In this year, Monsoon rain is better than previous year. NCDEX product Chana, Soybean, wheat, are high growth in session. NCDEX turmeric in Non and December futures are 0.5-3 per cent seeing. Coriander 0.4-1.5 per cent in Oct and Nov futures have gained. And Red peeper on NCDEX Oct, Nov futures are decline by 2 per cent.  
Caster Seed tips:- Buy castor seed Sep above 3500 SL 3480 Targets 3510-3521. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

 Agri commodity tips, NCDEX tips, Pepper tips, jeera tips, intraday trading tips 

Jeera tips:-NCDEX Jeera Sep below 14220 with Sl 14280 and targets for jeera 14190-14160  

Pepper tips:- Pepper Sep contract buy above 41360 with Sl 41240 and targets for 41420-41480  
NCDEX Jeera tips, NCDEX tips, NCDEX wheat tips, Agri tips, NCDEX trading tips

NCDEX wheat on the broken is up to 3 week. Wheat 3 week high rose 18 per cent. NCDEX wheat Sep futures has broken is nearly 3 per cent and the price is around Rs 1,535

NCDEX jeera Sep futures sell below 14280 with futures stop loss 14340 and the targets levels of Jeera 14220

Agri commodity tips, NCDEX pepper trading tips, Agri tips,Soybean tips, jeera tips, NCDEX tips 30 Aug On NCDEX (December Chana futures) and the new wheat (December futures) is seen in the strength of 1.5 per cent. Cumin is an increase of 0.80 per cent in September promised. The Red Pepper September, October and November futures were 2-2.5 per cent.  

Today trading tips
NCDEX Pepper Sell below 41350 SL 41470 targets 41290-41230-41160


NCDEX product not trading, Agri commodity tips, NCDEX tips, Jeera tips, Agri species tips,Live NCDEX update , The FMC report update, 5 Commodity product may be barred forever, Including Guar and Mentha oil futures trading of commodities.

Commodity market regulator Forward Market Commission, according to currently information of the commodity futures trading ban, is set volume, which is quite is low.

The FMC According also, the low volume of the commodity futures has not trading like Guargum, Guar seed, Cardamom commodity product is significantly reduced.  

Today trading tips
NCDEX Jeera Sep contract buy above 15700 with SL 15640 targets levels for Jeera 15730.  

Agri Species, NCDEX tips, Jeera trading tips, Pepper trading tips, soybean prices, wheat prices, today tips for  The most current data show copper mesh imports up 27% annual with pointed gains for tin and Zinc as well. Corn import was up 319% year-on-year, Oil 13%, soybean 9%, and wheat 132%.

NCDEX Jeera Sep contract month trading levels 15430 Rs with Jeera levels for support 15490 and the targets levels for jeera 15400.  

Pepper Sep contract intraday trading levels sell below 451600 with support for levels prices 41720 and targets levels for pepper 41540.   

NCDEX Agri commodity tips, NCDEX Chana strategy, NCDEX Guar trading tips, all NCDEX species tips, NCDEX trading tips for today
NCDEX Jeera Sep contract intraday levels sell below 15800 with intraday SL 15860 and the targets levels prices 15770.

NCDEX Gur Sep contract intraday levels sell below 1191 with intraday SL 1197 and the intraday targets levels prices 1188.
Agri product like, Chan, Soybean, Guarseed, Mentha oil, Pepper, Wheat are 0.5 per cent in the business.  

NCDEX tips, Agri commodity tips, NCDEX potato tips, NCDEX jeera trading tips,

NCDEX product potato futures bullish trends in India, Potato futures on the back side of firm demand in the spot markets ahead of upcoming festive seasons. On NCDEX, potato futures Aug contract end of higher by 0.80 per cent to prices 1274.85 per quintal on Monday. The fresh position levels as traders in the contract.  

NCDEX species trading tips
Jeera Aug contract month below 15290 with Jeera Aug trading intraday levels sell position on below 15290 with stop loss 15350 and targets 15260-15230-15350.  
Mentha oil July buy above 1322, stop loss 1316 stop loss 1325-1328.  

NCDEX tips, Agri commodity tips, NCDEX menth oil tips, NCDEX jeera tips.
 In India's National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange, the price of the commodity in most of the futures contract is trading higher is likely to remain high for coming months. According to reports, the India experienced 22% below average rainfall during the current monsoon season till last week, affecting the crop growth pushing the prices upwards.  

NCDEX jeera trends today
Jeera Aug contract buy position today at around 16405 with stop loss at16345 and levels around at Rs 16435-16465.  
Agri Mentha oil tips
Sell Mentha oil July below 1315 stop loss 1321 targets 1312  

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